Congratulation’s Dear Intern

You are here because you want to Learn and Make Change in Society

So As we

Our Mission is to Let Customer do traditional Shopping with Modern e commerce Facilities 

Customers at whereisobuy not only get benefits like Research Online and Purchase Offline but Coupons, extra Discounts, More Warranty, Trusted Shops, Touch and Feel of Products

To sum up With its Asli Shopping ( Real Shopping )


Do make your 2 Accounts here to Learn yourself first one for shopkeeper ( For example XYZ electronics and other for Customer for Example Sachin , purchase something from XYZ Electronics  and give a coupon to Sachin on Sharing that Purchase on Social media, Sachin will use that coupon on next purchase from XYZ electronics

So Learn here, Complete you target and Get A certificate

Target to be Achieved in 7 to 14 days


Lead Generate 3 Shopkeepers ( Electronics, Garments, Footwear ) ( call 3 known Shopkeepers in your area tell them benefits of Omni Channel and take time to meet them personally , if you don’t know 3 shopkeepers than Search 3 shopkeepers in your Area and their Contact details, greet them and Persuade them

Meet Shopkeepers Personally and presentation of Startup, Convince them ( Tell Our USP Down Below )

Register Them on Whereistobuy ( )

Manage there store Settings (

Assist them in uploading of Products (

Products will only be published after verification and Admin Permission, do contact us for that

Do Social Media Marketing for Shopkeepers ( A link is Generated for Shopkeepers for Example

Share this on Social Media saying this Shop is Online Now, and Show your Creativity so as to get maximum attention in your neighborhood

Queries Handling on Social Media ( Any Queries related to Transaction )

Gain Customers for Shopkeepers ( Do Social Media Marketing, ask Near by Know people to Purchase online from these Shops and Pick up in Store )

Coupons Handling (

Shopkeeper Benefits
Shopkeeper Registration Form
Shopkeeper Tutorial


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